Emuc Sofa

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Model where the round shapes of its cushions are enhanced, broad volumes that inspire comfort and meditation. This appearance is achieved using the microfiber down touch padding (Microgel).

Thick wood structure, HR 30kg/m3 foam cover. Suspension made with elastic Nea webbing, guarantee of quality 10 years. Seat cushion in HR 32kg/m3 foam, plus microfiber down touch padding (Microgel), with cotton cover interior that separates both materials to avoid its deformity. The back cushion is made by microfiber down touch padding (Microgel) and silicon polyester fibre, with interior divided cover. Uncovering cushion.

Options sofa 2 seats and sofa 3 seats. Upholstered en Visual Aqua Clean Invictus 50. Available in different colours.


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